A bespoke Impact Measurement & Management solution for companies & institutions working with SMBs around the world

Centralize, track, manage & visualize the Impact Data of small and medium businesses (SMBs) across your global supply chain, portfolio or program
Harness the power of Impact Data for your company and its portfolio of SMBs
Get a custom-made software solution combined with extensive consultancy and training to centralize, track, manage and visualize impact and carbon data across multiple business entities


Design customized impact metrics suited to each supplier, investment and project you work with. Track the impact issues that matter.

Get Insights

Visualize progress across your portfolio at-a-glance. Quickly pinpoint hotspots and get benchmarks to know where to focus efforts for highest impact.

Aggregate Data

Track the progress of individual SMBs as well as your entire aggregated portfolio. Get data-driven evidence of the power of working together at scale.

Engage SMBs

Get better engagement and response times from SMBs in your portfolio. Benchmark & celebrate leaders. Give SMBs the power of their own bespoke Impact Reporting.
Good for You. Good for SMBs in your Portfolio.
MPACTI BESPOKE is for any organization committed to positively impact the economy, society and the environment through better management and more rigorous measurement of Impact Data.
Get a customized solution to measure the impact of your institution and its portfolio companies on climate change, the Sustainable Development Goals and gender equality.
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Build your bespoke Impact Management Solution in three steps
Design your impact metrics

Meet with your dedicated IMPACTI expert team to design your bespoke digital solution. Identify the key sustainability hotspots across your operations and build customized impact metrics to gather comparable data from your portfolio companies. Get training for your internal team to analyze and maximize impact results across your portfolio.

Engage your companies

Onboard everyone on your made-to-measure Impact Management Solution. Help your portfolio companies get up to speed, fast, with our customized trainings, expert resources and 24/7 technical support - all designed to meet the needs of small and medium businesses.

Optimize your impact

Track data submissions from all your portfolio companies from one central hub. Pinpoint issues to address and achievements to celebrate at a glance. Build data-driven Impact Reports that show the positive impact achieved from everyone working together.


The solution you need to make positive impact at scale

World-class experts at your service
  • A dedicated team of experts to support your organization
  • Impact management training for your internal team
  • Onboarding videos and webinars for your portfolio companies
  • Ongoing expert consultancy available as needed, on demand
  • Access to online libraries with expert insights and practical guides
  • Exclusive access to IMPACTI insights for small and medium businesses
Customized technology solution
  • Unlimited access for 12 months
  • Custom software to manage carbon, SDG & gender data
  • Powerful impact reporting for you and your portfolio companies
  • Data analytics and visualizations for individual & aggregated data
  • Data collection workflow management
  • Cloud-based technology accessible globally
  • Secure, centralized data storage
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • 24/7 Technical Support
Custom pricing to fit your needs
We design our packages to meet your specific needs - based on the scale of your organization, number of portfolio companies, range of data to collect and additional hours of consultancy and training required.
Speak to one of our experts to find out how to launch a digital Impact Measurement and Management Solution that meets your needs.

Ready to engage your suppliers, partners & investments to work together to achieve impact goals that make a real difference?

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