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The Client's Pain Points

Our client, a global company, needed a solution to report progress on its commitment to net zero and gather data from +100 offices worldwide. A few years ago, they participated in a procurement to develop an in-house GHG calculation spreadsheet at a cost of +750,000 USD. The software development process lasted over 12 months. The in-house spreadsheet enabled the company to calculate their carbon footprint aligned with the GHG Protocol. However, problems persisted:

  • Colleagues in the +100 offices were not motivated to submit data, an exercise that they saw as a reporting black hole
  • Only a few staff at HQ understood how the spreadsheet worked and would need to manually enter and verify data from offices
  • The spreadsheet quickly became outdated due to rapidly evolving GHG accounting practices and emission factors

Our Solution

Impacti's CARBON software solved these pain points by:

  • Simplifying data entry for offices with a guided carbon assessment and user-friendly online webforms
  • Creating dashboards with visuals and data tables showing emissions results for each individual office
  • Offering a "Super User" dashboard with aggregated data and advanced analytics across the company, as well as data quality and workflow tracking to quickly pinpoint data issues across the +100 offices
  • Ensuring alignment with the GHG Protocol and continuous updates to the latest emission factors and best practices
  • Providing access to 24/7 technical support

Impacti customized the user experience by adding company branding to the welcome screen, creating a bespoke version of the Carbon Playbook (user guide) and hosting webinar trainings for their users. Once user requirements were established, we developed this solution in 30 days.

The Results

The company reported the following achievements with their new Impacti CARBON solution:

  • Improved buy-in from colleagues in offices who appreciated the easy data entry and individual dashboards
  • 50% reduction in the time and resources needed to complete their annual carbon footprint inventory
  • >$4,000 cost savings by transferring responsibility for methodology and emission factor updates to Impacti

The company has been able to shift personnel time and resources that was previously spent on their carbon footprint exercise to focus on the successful implementation of their carbon reduction initiatives.

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