Uganda | SDG impact training for small businesses

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Project Description

The Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU) is the premier business association bringing together Ugandan businesses of all sizes and sectors. The Government of Uganda had launched its plan to tackle climate change in its Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) policy and with the PSFU, wanted to raise awareness and engagement of the Ugandan business community on the economic opportunities presented by the SDGs. PSFU engaged the Impacti team to deliver training sessions to interested businesses to help them identify relevant business opportunities and create SDG impact reporting to get recognized for investment.

What we did

The Impacti team consulted with +100 Ugandan businesses to better understand their motivations, interests and needs in their journey to integrate the SDGs into their business models. Our study showed a high level of interest

The digital tool also supported PSFU to track the SDG impacts of their business membership at an aggregated level in real-time.


The project made the business case for SDG action across the Ugandan business community, contributing to a wave of SDG business champions. In reaction, investor interest into SDG-minded businesses has grown with new financing opportunities opening up that seek companies that contribute to the SDGs.

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