We're on a mission to power climate leaders to pave the way to net zero

Our vision

A climate-accountable public sector leading the net zero revolutoin
Governments and development agencies deliver positive social impact as their central mission. But today's climate crisis threatens the progress being made, with the most vulnerable people often the hardest hit.

Facing this crisis requires working together, each taking responsibility for their own actions and inspiring others to do the same. Systems change and impact measurement is key to achieve the transformational change needed. But doing so can be complex, especially for agencies already responding to humanitarian crises and focused on delivering social good.

At Impacti, we guide a collaborative effort by climate leaders to accelerate net zero solutions driven by technology, that work for everyone.  

Our approach

Working together to deliver solutions that work for all
We offer an ecosystem of science + software solutions to get net zero programs off the ground fast. We consult and integrate the lessons learned from development actors with climate neutrality progams since 2008. That way, we can all move forward together faster to achieve the change needed.

Our solutions are best suited for organizations and companies seeking:
  • Credible, comparable emissions that contribute to collective action
  • Peer knowledge sharing to tackle common challenges together
  • Expert groups with updates on GHG methodologies & emission factors
  • Diagnostics, implementation roadmaps and training programs

Our principles

We design our solutions with these five principles in mind

to a Journey

Real change doesn't happen overnight. We help you design an achievable climate roadmap. Understand what matters, set targets and go step-by-step.


Build evidence-based solutions. We help you source quality data and address inevitable data gaps, so you get the insight you need to make informed climate actions.

on Impact

We help you show how actions make positive impact, linking your data to KPIs across the Sustainable Development Goals.


GHG methodologies, emission factors and proxies are fast changing. We follow best available science, so you get reliable results and quality insight.


We've been advising environmentally sustainable agencies since 2008. We put that knowledge at your fingertips, so you take effective action - fast.

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