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Getting started
How to use Impacti CARBON
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Getting started
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How to use Impacti CARBON
What is Impacti CARBON?
How does Impacti CARBON work?
What GHG accounting methodology is used?
What scopes/emission sources can I calculate with Impacti CARBON?

CARBON offers automated calculations for all Scope 1, 2 and the most common Scope 3 emission sources covered in an operational footprint. You enter the data, and with a click, get your emission results for:

  • Fuel combusted and energy generated at your offices/facilities/equipment
  • Refrigerants leaked from air conditioning
  • Fuel used in company vehicles
  • Energy purchased to power and heat your offices/facilities
  • Business travel
  • Staff commuting
  • Travel by clients/customers

We're adding automated calculations for other Scope 3 emissions (e.g. transportation, delivery, purchased goods & services and more) in the coming months. Our CARBON experts can also offer guidance on the best calculation approach for any other emission categories you'd like to include in your carbon footprint.

Can I assess multiple locations?
Can I include suppliers and other partners in my carbon footprint
Where can I find help while using CARBON?
How to use IMPACTI SDG
What's Impacti SDG?
How does Impacti SDG work?
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