SDG Impact Measurement & Reporting

Align your ESG and sustainability reporting with the world's leading sustainability framework

Be a force for good

The Sustainable Development Goals set out 17 big challenges we need to collectively tackle to build a better world. We make it easy for your business to identify the SDGs that matter to your operations and build data-driven strategies to maximize your contributions to achieving the SDGs.

Our solution is for any organization or company looking to understand and communicate its impact on the SDGs, whether translating existing ESG reporting or kickstarting new sustainability programs.

The SDGs, translated into business language

The SDGs set out 17 Global Goals and 169 Targets for the world to achieve. But how does this apply to your business?

Impacti offers our proprietary SDG Business Opportunity Framework that maps metrics from internationally recognized sustainability standards (GRI, SASB, WEF, Global Benchmarking Alliance and more) to the official SDG Targets. We track industry best practice and create sector-specific guides so you can pinpoint your SDG risks and opportunities fast. Our expert coaching & online tools guide you at each step to align your business strategy and reporting to the SDGs.
  • Build the business case for SDG commitments
  • Identify priority SDGs risks and opportunities
  • Outline business actions that support the SDGs
  • Set measurable targets & metrics
  • Report on positive and negative contributions
  • Develop best practice SDG communications
Manage your SDG Impact in four steps

Discover the SDGs that matter most to your operations - as business risks to mitigate or opportunities to make meaningful real-world impact.

Assess & Plan

Understand your current impact. Use our SDG business framework to map your current sustainability reporting and initiatives to official SDG targets.


Set measurable targets and choose comparable metrics to optimize your SDG impact. Show your business' vision and commitment to building a better world.


Integrate SDG reporting into your annual reporting, website, social media, pitch decks and marketing communications. Get the recognition your business deserves.


All the features you need

Make sense of the SDG framework quick with our tools, libraries and databases.
  • Online SDG Prioritization Tool
  • SDG Action library (+2,500 ideas)
  • Mapping to official SDG Targets
  • Goal-setting & tracking
  • 1:1 coaching from SDG experts
  • +100 SDG Business Opportunities
  • SDG Indicator library (+2,000 KPIs)
  • Online shareable SDG Profile
  • SDG reporting templates
  • SDG best practice database
  • Access to training webinars

Get started on your SDG impact reporting today.

* Not sure where to start? Meet our experts for a FREE SDG Assessment to identify the top 3 SDGs for your business.

** Tracking SDG impact across your supply chain or investments? See our Supply Chain SDG solution.

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