Gender, equity & inclusion

Build a workplace where everyone thrives

The business case for gender

Progress is being made on gender equality and women’s empowerment, but still we have a long way to go. Women are under-represented on Boards of Directors and executive positions. They make 77 cents for every dollar men earn worldwide and do three times as much unpaid care work as men. They continue to suffer violence and discrimination in every part of the world.

Empowering women at work and creating products designed for and with women makes business sense.
Our proprietary methodology is for everyone who wants to deepen their company's commitment to gender equality.

Gender empowerment across your operations

Impacti supports organizations and companies to apply a gender lens to every aspect of your company's operations.

Impacti offers our proprietary GENDER Opportunity Framework that sets out 8 thematic areas for action for your organization to build more diverse and equitable operations - across the Sustainable Development Goals framework. We support our clients to go beyond the norm, identifying opportunities to empower women and diverse groups across their C-suite, workplace policies, product development, supply chain, local and global communities. Our experts have deep expertise designing initiatives to address the underlying drivers that lead to unfair differences in people's lived experiences.

Raise your gender ambition, step-by-step

Offer expert coaching and digital tools keep your focused on making a meaningful difference on issues that matter.
Assess your current impact & ambition
Kickstart your gender and DEI programs on the right foot. Meet with our GENDER experts to deepen your understanding and design a gender commitment that reflects the unique, diverse culture of your business.
  • Take our GENDER assessment to uncover new opportunities to advance gender equality across your operations, supply chain, R&D, communities
  • Identify your current gender impact and ambition - from gender blind, gender aware, gender responsive and gender transformative
Design and launch thoughtful initiatives
Once you know where you're starting from, you're ready to set the path of where to go. Your dedicated GENDER expert will work with you to prioritize and implement initiatives to take your gender commitment to the next level.

We specialize in supporting organizations and companies to:

  • Develop organizational gender policies and statements
  • Organize gender-responsive conferences & events
  • Adapt procurement systems to integrate & empower women
  • Work with women-owned businesses in your supply chain
  • Benchmark gender empowerment trends across sectors
Track and report on your gender impact
Show data-driven evidence of the difference your business makes on people's lived experiences. Our software powers you to gather set targets & meaningful metrics, collect quantitative and qualitative data, and write compelling impact stories that showcase your gender achievements.
  • Choose from our database of internationally recognized metrics from leading impact measurement standards (WEP, EDGE, Fairtrade, Poverty Tool, ILO, GICC, UTZ, Rainforest Alliance)
  • Set measurable targets to define your gender ambition and keep your teams focused on reaching an ambition vision of gender equality
  • Store quantitative and qualitative data collected in a secure online place
  • Invite stakeholders to view your impact reporting and create customized reports to get recognized for your achievements

Take your gender commitment to the next level

* Not sure where to start? Meet our experts for a FREE GENDER Assessment to identify your current gender ambition level and get recommendations of top 3 actions to take.