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Project Description

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) supports actors to direct financial flows towards projects that contribute to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. While many governments and investors were interested in supporting SDG-related projects, they lacked tools to identify and measure SDG impacts. UNDP aimed to fill this gap, but needed a company that could offer both technology expertise and sustainability know-how to carry out the project. Impacti's founding team, Mitch and Anne, were engaged by UNDP to deliver the desired solution.

What we did

We worked with UNDP's SDG team to develop a KPI framework to assess the SDG impacts of projects and investments. We then developed a cloud-based digital tool, accessible globally, to allow partners to create automated SDG reporting in 4 steps:

  • Assess: Complete a user-friendly questionnaire to screen projects for key environmental and social risks
  • Measure: Collect data on quantitative and qualitative impacts, including likelihood and severity. Map actions taken to the official SDG Targets.
  • Visualize: Review graphics and tables linking actions taken to key development outcomes (poverty & inequality, gender parity, environmental sustainability, employment generation)
  • Report: Export automated reporting with assessment results, editable to adapt to user disclosure and reporting needs.


The UNDP Climate Action Impact Tool has been used by development practitioners and impact investors to monitor, verify and report on SDG impacts.

Use Case 1: BBOXX solar power home systems

In 2018, Trine Impact Investors and UNDP applied the Climate Action Impact Tool to assess a crowdfunded project in Kenya which provides solar power home systems to off-grid areas via the start-up company BBOXX. The assessment showed that the project, which expected to give 300,000 people access to clean and affordable energy, would generate positive impacts on ten SDGs: poverty, health, education, gender equality, energy, jobs, infrastructure, equality, climate and partnerships. By reaching potential investors through the crowd investment platform, this positive assessment generated an increase by 129 percent in willingness to invest, a 42 percent increase in investments and a 32 percent increase in investment size.

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