Make sustainability your business

We work with trailblazing organizations to drive and track sustainable practices across their offices, supply chain, portfolios and programs.

Be part of a transformative positive economy

The Sustainable Development Goals is fast-becoming the world's leading sustainability standard. This globally-adopted framework offers a common language for sustainability understood by all - from your staff, customers, buyers, investors, partners and regulators. In 2022, 4 in 5 companies now align their sustainability reporting to the SDGs.

Why Impacti?

Gain the advantages of aligning your business strategy with the SDGs
  • Attract new talent and customers
  • Make your sustainability reporting more compelling
  • Be a preferred supplier in green & sustainable supply chains
  • Get recognized as a net zero and SDG business leader
  • Attract impact investments and crowdfunding
  • Qualify for sustainability-linked investments and financing
  • Access new market opportunities in SDG hotspot sectors
  • Future-proof your business operations & supply chain

Our principles

We believe real sustainability is built on five principles, that every business can get behind.

to a Journey

You don't need to build a sustainable business overnight. We help you design your journey - understand what matters, set targets and plan to get there step-by-step.


Don't just talk about your commitments & actions. Set targets & track metrics to put real numbers behind your proudest achievements.

Authentic Stories

Tired of filling our long sustainability checklists? We guide you in writing your business' own story, showing how you impact  issues that your audiences care about.


We help you avoid greenwashing criticism, by keeping your efforts aligned with leading standards & best practices by the United Nations and its partners.


We've been advising environmentally sustainable companies since 2008. We put that knowledge at your fingertips, so you take effective actions - fast.

Share our vision? Let's work together.