Change Log

We're continuously improving our tools. Below you'll find a timeline of updates.
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Update in Business travel - ground options

April 14, 2023

Motorcycle type was added as a form of business travel.

Update in Refrigerant options

April 10, 2023

Refrigerants R-449A and R-452A were added to the list.

New Feature: Waste & Water Time Series and Data Anomaly Columns

April 9, 2023

New graphs under the Waste and Water dashboards to observe the yearly change.
In the Raw Data Summary table, we added the following columns:
% variance = raw data change from previous year
Consumption/personnel = raw data per staff
Intensity and Intensity unit = depending on the source, raw data per office size, or per passenger, or per vehicle

Update in Entity Status and Business travel - air

April 9, 2023

For the selected reporting year status, additional steps were added: "Pending Updates" and "Pending Final Review". Pending updates allows the general user to go back and provide further information if requested and pending final review allows the master user to make any changes before finalizing.
In air travel, an additional field was added to distinguish between "Non-staff" and "Staff" travel. Currently, organizations need to contact us and request this feature to be enabled.

New Feature: Data Quality

March 16, 2023

Master user has the ability to set data quality options, resulting in a field for each data entry in the Provide Data section. The selected data quality can then be found in the Raw Data Summary table for every data record. This feature can be made required or optional for the user.

Update in the design for reporting year status

February 20, 2023

New Feature: View only role in Team Builder

February 10, 2023

Goal tracking status improved

January 11, 2023

New Feature: Application now available in French

January 10, 2023

Updates in offset screen & user experience

January 9, 2023

The Offset screen was located between Defining Boundaries and Provide Data sections when adding information for a reporting year. The screen was moved to the dashboard as one of the options under the plus sign labeled "Add emissions offsets" or by clicking the pencil icon in the "Emissions offset/removed" card.
The last entity that the user views before exiting will be saved for the next time they log back in.

Additional Waste treatment options added

January 5, 2023

For "General waste", "On-site storage" was added ad an additional treatment type and "Unknown" treatment was changed to "Other/Unknown".

Updates in Entity control & Team Builder

January 4, 2023

There is a better control on how data is added to an entity by applying a restriction when an entity is inactive or active. Also, user can display and edit the status of an entity in Team Builder based on the year selected.
Updates to the Team Builder design and structure to better organize entities.

New Feature: Air travel emissions between airports

December 28, 2022

For Business travel - air, users have the additional option to add air travel data by flight routes.

New Feature: Google SSO Capabilities & Scenario building

December 21, 2022

Our log-in screen was redesigned to incorporate the ability for users to log in with Google SSO.
Users can build scenarios using future years.

Updates in Dashboard & Data Tables

November 11, 2022

The dashboard's user interface was redesigned.
Data Tables have the function of filtering and sorting.

Multiple updates

November 1, 2022

The software has an improved page load time.
User can switch between alternate pie graphs for waste and water. Waste has the option for Waste by Type and Waste by Treatment. Water has the option for Water by Source and Water by Treatment.
Years with data now have an indication with a circle icon.

New Feature: Aggregate data using team tree

October 20, 2022

New Feature: Progress Dashboard & Selection Bar

October 13, 2022

Goal setting and progress features are implemented in the Progress dashboard.
Function of selecting which emission sources to show in the trend graph under the Progress dashboard.
The entity and year selected is moved to the app bar at the top of the page.

Updates in Provide Data

September 19, 2022

kWh unit was added for natural gas in On-site energy generation, Facility Fuels.
Values with decimal points are accepted in the Amount fields.
In office information, field is added for users to indicate number of vehicles by entity.

New Feature: Electricity (Facilities) dashboard

July 29, 2022

Graphics show the total electricity and share of renewable electricity.

Emissions breakdown: added vehicle intensity

July 26, 2022

The emission intensity for company vehicles is added to the "Emissions breakdown" table with unit of tCO2/vehicles.

New Feature: Grouping entity in Team Builder

June 29, 2022

New function of adding a grouping entity in Team Builder. This is a separate entity type called "grouping" that will not have data attached. This will allow for more than one entity to be grouped together.

New Feature: Selected reporting year status

June 28, 2022

The available statuses are Not Started, In Progress, Submitted For Review, Pending, and Approved.

Update in Entity Tracking table

June 23, 2022

Column for percent change in emissions from previous year is added to the Entity Tracking table. This will allow users to spot data anomalies.

New Feature: Pop-up warning for missing units

June 19, 2022

Created a pop-up warning if the user enters any consumption data without a corresponding unit.

Update in Emission dashboard

May 17, 2022

In Overview dashboard, allow users to choose pie chart to show Emissions by Scope.

New Feature: Team tree now available for CARBON

May 17, 2022

Updates in Office information & Team tree

May 10, 2022

Office information from previous year will default when starting a new year.
Office information is now tied to inventory period.
Users added to an entity can now cascade down the team tree.

Updates in Edit Entity in Team Builder

April 6, 2022

User is automatically given same rights when creating a sub-entity in Team Builder.
Users can now be searched by username or email when added to an entity.

New Feature: Online checkout functionality

March 9, 2022

For subscription, new user is able to create an account from the checkout page.

Updates in dashboard & data tables

January 10, 2022

Improved UI/UX for more responsive screen sizes.
Ability to sort columns in the data tables.

New Feature: Search entities on Team Builder

January 4, 2022

New Feature: Telework added to the dashboard

November 23, 2021

New Feature: Waste and Water reporting

August 3, 2021


March 22, 2021