Nepal | Yeti Airlines, the country's 1st carbon neutral airline

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Project Description

Yeti Airlines set an ambition in 2018 to become Nepal's first carbon neutral airline and champion the Sustainable Development Goals. The company partnered with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to adopt the international United Nations approach on carbon neutrality. Impacti's founders, Mitchell Hall and Anne Fernqvist, were engaged by UNDP as the lead climate expert to guide the Yeti Airlines to achieve its visionary goal.

What we did

In support of Yeti Airlines, we guided the company through a four-step process to achieve carbon neutrality:

  1. Measure: We created a digital GHG inventory tool and worked with Yeti Airlines staff to gather reliable data to calculate a GHG-Protocol compliant carbon footprint - aligned with the UN approach.
  2. Reduce: After review of their emission results, high-impact greening actions were recommended to target Yeti's carbon hotspots. We advised on leading practices in the airline industry to help Yeti Airlines design a greening plan with credible and cutting-edge initiatives.
  3. Offset: We advised the company on how to identify certified emission reduction projects to offset their unavoidable emissions, with a focus on supporting local community solutions across Nepal.
  4. Report: Through this exercise, Yeti Airlines was able to achieve carbon neutrality and set up a reliable baseline inventory from which they can measure future emission reductions.

To ensure a truly transparent and comparable carbon footprint, we supported Yeti Airlines to draft a clear summary report of their GHG emission methodology and Carbon Neutrality Roadmap - and created visuals for sharing widely on news and social media channels.


With the support of Impacti's founders, Yeti Airlines was able to:

  • Calculate a trustworthy carbon footprint aligned with the GHG Protocol and UN approach, providing a baseline for future footprints
  • Design a Carbon Neutrality Roadmap with a clear set of greening actions aligned with airline industry best practice
  • Choose carbon offsetting projects that are credible and contribute to the company's wider SDG impact goals
  • Get recognized as Nepal's first carbon neutral airline within the first year of making the ambition

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