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Client Pain Points

Our client recently formed a small internal Sustainability unit to manage a company-wide volunteer team. The team had crowdsourced ideas for sustainability initiatives and chosen to focus on a range of issues - from office greening programs, environmental justice, equity and inclusion, volunteerism and philanthropy. Members of the volunteer team often changed from year to year, making it difficult to keep moving forward -every year felt like they were starting from scratch with little institutional knowledge of what happened in previous years. They were seeking a solution to:

  • Access expert coaching for the internal Sustainability unit
  • Develop a vision and action plan to bring everyone together
  • Set up a system to keep track of progress made across the volunteer team

The company had calculated its carbon footprint for several years using a free spreadsheet provided by the local government. However, the spreadsheet was outdated and no one understood the assumptions built into the calculations. They were looking for a new up-to-date carbon footprint solution.

Our Solution

Impacti offered our SDG and CARBON solutions backed with BOOST expert consultancy support to solve this client's pain points.

Our SDG solution helped the company to:

  • Map their sustainability issues to official SDGs - SDGs 4, 10, 12 and 17.
  • Better communicate their initiatives to Board members, employees and clients using SDG language
  • Set up an SDG Action Plan accessible online to all volunteer team members to upload notes and documents on progress made and meetings held
  • Create automated SDG reports on demand, to answer requests from Board members and to include in staff newsletters
  • Get connected to other SDG initiatives happening across their region and country

Our CARBON solution helped the company to:

  • Access expert insights to gain confidence that the company was building an accurate GHG Protocol-compliant carbon footprint
  • Make data entry simple through guided questions and online webforms
  • Get visualized results of their emission breakdown and carbon hotspots
  • Help design greening actions to tackle their most significant emission sources

With these systems set up, the company is now ready to add data in real-time and show achievements made from year to year, backed by data. The internal Sustainability team checks in with Impacti experts on a quarterly basis and as needed, to get bespoke advice and expert insights.

The Results

Through our collaboration, the company saw the following improvements:

  • Increased buy-in and engagement from Board members and company-wide staff in their SDG-linked sustainability actions
  • Strengthened internal expertise of the Sustainability unit, requiring less and less external consultancy support
  • 30% time and resources saved during the carbon footprint accounting exercise
  • Smooth transitions and continued progress on sustainability initiatives despite staff changes

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