Our Story

We believe sustainability tools have to be accessible, affordable & connected to make sustainability everyone’s business.

We realized a new era of sustainability has arrived that offers benefits to all types of businesses. But building the business case for sustainability can be tough without access to the data and tools you need. That’s why Impacti designs digital tools that make sustainability everyone’s business.

We decided to write a new narrative

Digital tools can make sustainability cost-effective, trusted and connected.

This belief inspired Mitch Hall to found Impacti in 2015. Mitch has designed and implemented tailored software solutions for businesses around the world for over 15 years. His clients often struggled to convert sustainable practices into sound business cases simply because they lacked reliable data and cost-effective tools to manage it. Mitch’s digital tools for sustainability have powered his clients to achieve climate neutrality, increase energy efficiency, and procure sustainability. And that’s just the start – the digital revolution will transform business sustainability.

Sustainability reporting is no longer just for correcting negative impacts, but for showcasing new business innovations for sustainability.

This vision drove Anne Fernqvist to co-found Impacti with Mitch in 2015. Anne has advised clients on their renewable energy and sustainability projects for nearly 20 years. Her clients were adopting sustainable business models and realizing the benefits of greater efficiency, lower costs, committed staff and dedicated clients. This new trend is clear - in recent years, companies like UniLever, Patagonia, Natura, and Danone have built profitable billion dollar businesses that place sustainability at their core.

Sustainability is fast becoming the new norm offering benefits for all types and size of business. It’s time to get started.

This realization convinced Yolanda Saito to join Impacti in 2017. Yolanda had worked for 10 years to build better laws and policies to achieve just and sustainable development around the world. The Sustainable Development Goals and Paris Agreement for climate change, adopted in 2015, made a transformative shift. For the first time, a clear framework for action exists to guide the private sector to access the opportunities that sustainability offers. It’s time to make these opportunities clear for the benefit of all businesses ready to be “fit for the future”.

At Impacti, we’re thrilled to work with visionary business leaders everywhere, together making sustainability everyone’s business. The ImpactiApp makes sustainability simple, affordable and connected.


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