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Who can benefit from using Impacti’s digital tools?

All types of businesses can benefit from using Impacti’s secure, digital tools to manage their sustainability data – we make impact reporting more transparent, trusted and in real-time. Impacti’s tools are designed especially to meet the needs of businesses interested in sustainability but either dissatisfied with existing software options or using in-house or EXCEL-based tools that keep their sustainability initiatives isolated and disconnected.

What sustainability topics can I manage?

At Impacti, we understand the broad areas of opportunity for businesses to make positive social and environmental impact. Our modules allow companies to achieve goals in six major areas of focus that encompass all levels of ambition. These can suit your business requirements no matter what stage of sustainability - from just getting started to driving innovation.

  • Make my operations environmentally-sustainable
  • Foster a healthy & innovative workplace
  • Set up good governance
  • Support local communities
  • Source sustainably
  • Drive sustainability innovation

How can I get started quickly and trial the Impacti digital tools?

Impacti’s Sustainability Profile Builder is a quick assessment tool that allows you to answer a short questionnaire about your business and receive your business’s “sustainability profile.” You will learn about how your business contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and receive recommendations on steps you can take to improve, expand and communicate your achievements in the areas of impact most important to your company and its stakeholders.

What can I achieve by using Impacti’s digital tools?

We design a range of digital tools that can guide you along all steps of your journey to sustainability. We recommend you start with Impacti’s Sustainability Profile Builder, and then build up a custom suite of the digital tools you need to manage and communicate your impact.


Sustainability Scope

Set up a structure to ensure sustainability is a team effort that measures the true scope of your company’s impact. Our tools help you measure impact, whether of a single office, shop or project, to a multi-national business or supply chain.


Materiality Analysis

Don’t waste efforts reporting on everything at once. We help you define the impacts that matter most to your company and stakeholders today and tomorrow, and in the sectors and locations you operate. Then we can create the framework towards continuous improvements.


Manage Your Impact

Ready to collect data to manage and improve your sustainability profile in your key areas of impact? Say no to long confusing spreadsheets, and get used to Impacti’s user-friendly questionnaires with tips, examples and benchmarks that make data entry an easy, even fun learning experience that builds your expertise as you go.


Commitment Tracker

Once you’ve set your baseline, it’s time to raise ambition. We help you set ambitious & achievable goals that set your company apart, and keep track of latest developments relevant to your targets in real-time through your customized dashboard.


Tell Your Story

Ready to share your progess? Impacti helps you to prepare your data to report to leading standards and create great visuals suitable for media campaigns, annual reports, or other communication tools to get the word out.

What reporting standards will I be able to report to?

Our digital tools allow you to input your data in one central, secure place and receive Impacti recommendations on the various standards and regulations that may apply to your business. To start, you will be able to match your data to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), UN Global Compact, and Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). We are continuously adding new standards, and welcome your requests for additional ones to consider.

What exactly do you mean by making sustainability “connected”?

New innovative digital tools are rapidly opening new possibilities to manage sustainability data in ways that are more transparent, real-time and cost-effective. And businesses, governments and civil society are increasingly building win-win partnerships to achieve more impact together. Impacti tools are designed to keep you up-to-date with these opportunities as they emerge.


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