Why calculate your business' carbon footprint?

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We are in a climate crisis. And businesses of all sizes, small and large, are increasingly expected to do their part in the fight against climate change. You may be wondering what can your business do and where do you start? Calculating the carbon footprint of your operations is the first step. Why?

  • You discover the business activities that generate the most emissions. That way, you know where to focus your efforts to reduce emissions in smart and cost-effective ways.
  • You avoid greenwashing and build trust. Don't just talk about your greening initiatives, show their impact in real emissions reduction numbers.
  • You set and track progress to climate goals - like net zero or climate neutral - and differentiate your company as a climate leader to clients, investors and staff.
  • You can future-proof your company to succeed in an economy with changing regulations and consumer expectations.

You'll also join a movement of businesses who are seen to be leading the way as climate champions and connect with a growing ecosystem of climate innovations.