Translating ESG reporting into SDG communications

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Client Pain Points

Our client, a retail company, is committed to being a sustainability leader in its industry. Their internal team had experience creating ESG reporting for 5 years, issuing annual sustainability reports aligned with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB).

Recently, Board members had expressed interest in adding SDG reporting with the objective of creating appealing communications for their staff and clients, as well as to join industry memberships aligned with the SDGs. After initial research, the internal team decided to seek external advisory support to ensure proper alignment with the SDG framework.

Our Solution

Impacti's BOOST experts offered rapid and targeted advice:

  • Reviewed the company's existing GRI, SASB and other reporting and mapped initiatives to the SDG framework within two days
  • Recommended additional KPIs to track outcomes and impact aligned with the SDGs
  • Supported the internal team to set up KPIs in our SDG solution for instant reporting
  • Organized training on communication strategies to speak authentically about SDG impact
  • Provide ongoing updates and advice as needed to keep updated with changing industry best practices

Quarterly coaching sessions were scheduled with the internal team to check in with Impacti BOOST experts to review SDG communications and discuss latest trends.

The Results

With BOOST support, the company gained these benefits:

  • SDG reporting and communications released for Board review within 30 days
  • Ongoing and automated SDG updates included in staff and client newsletters
  • Increased confidence and capacity of internal sustainability staff on SDG issues